On Tuesday 24 september, excursions will be organized to different companies in Seed Valley. 

Below you will find more information about the program and the companies. 

Excursion to Syngenta, Enza Zaden or Incotec & Seed Meets Technology 
13.00 Departure from Van der Valk Volendam 
13.45 Arrival Syngenta, Enza Zaden or Incotec 
14.00 Start tour 
15.30 End tour, departure to Seed Meets Technology, in Zwaagdijk. 
15.45 Arrival Seed Meets Technology 
17.30 Departure from Seed Meets Technology to Enkhuizen. There will start a 15 minutes walk to De Werf for diner. 

 Excursion to Bejo 
13.00 Departure from Van der Valk Volendam 
14.00 Arrival Bejo 
14.15 Start tour 
16.00 End tour, possibility to visit demo fields with new varieties 
17.00 Departure to Enkhuizen. There will start a 15 minutes walk to De Werf for diner. 


More information about the excursions:

Want to learn more about seed technology? Register for the guided tour to Incotec in Enkhuizen. Incotec is the specialist in seed enhancement. Combining expert knowledge of seed physiology with advanced techniques and formulations, we deliver technology that supports seed breeders, growers and farmers all over the world. Incotec has various innovative technologies that improve the resilience and performance of seeds. These range from upgrading and pelleting to film coating, encrusting and priming. We are also researching direct seed application bacteria and fungi that can protect the seed in a more sustainable way. During your visit to Incotec you will learn more about our advanced primings designed to break specific seed dormancies, our seed upgrading techniques based on X-ray technology and how we are implementing artificial intelligence in our newest seed enhancements. 

Incotec’s seed enhancement experts will show you our germination lab, the thermogradient chamber and phytotron where germination testing takes place. You will also have the opportunity to learn about our X-ray seed ugrading technology and see the equipment at work. 



Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden is an internationally leading vegetable-breeding company. They develop new vegetable varieties and produce and sell the seeds of these varieties worldwide. Their breeding portfolio comprises 30 vegetable crops, including lettuce, sweet peppers, tomato, cucumber and onion. 

A strong and independent family company
Enza Zaden is one of the very few family businesses that has kept its independency in the 81 years or their existence. And that’s still active at the world top of the seed industry.

Healthy food for everyone, everywhere
The aim of of the company is to grant people all over the world access to healthy and varied vegetables, in the most sustainable way possible. To achieve this, over 2,000 inspired Enza Zaden colleagues from 40 nationalities work together across the globe.

The Experience Tour

The company tour will show you the headquarters in Enkhuizen: through the enormous new seed storage and processing building, along the state-of-the-art labs and when there’s time left, through the greenhouses. And of course, guided by Enza Zaden employees who can tell you everything about this impactful business. 


Bejo is a leading company in breeding, production and sales of vegetable seeds. With operations in more than thirty countries, we are an internationally oriented family business. Our 1,800 employees are dedicated to developing the best vegetable varieties for the present and the future.


Exploring Nature Never Stops
Together with our customers and partners we actively explore market opportunities and innovative research methods. We stay close to nature to develop the best vegetable seeds so growers around the world can harvest healthy, flavourful varieties for consumers to enjoy, today and in fifty years’ time.

Quality: The best seeds and the best varieties
We look with confidence to the future. As a family business, we continue to do what we have always done: produce the best seeds and create the best varieties for healthy, flavourful, sustainably grown vegetables. Working together with growers and partners in the supply chain to give good initiatives room to grow: that’s our passion. 

Seed Quality Tour
During our Seed Quality Tour we will show you the processes in our Seed Technology Lab and our Seed Processing Facility. Our experienced tour guides will explain you the route the seeds take between entering the building and the packaging and shipping. 


At Syngenta Seeds, we are dedicated to supporting our customers and partners around the world. We drive innovation to improve flavor, quality, convenience and productivity – for the benefit of growers, marketers, retailers and consumers.

What can you expect at Fields of Innovation?

BRASSICA | Our breeding program focuses on delivering a broad package of resistances, an improved quality and a strong reliability in different growing conditions, to secure harvest and high profit for the grower. We are pleased to show you our new cabbages for long storage, our new cauliflower concepts for the fresh market and our Brussel sprouts with outstanding field standing ability.
LEAFIES | We offer a complete assortment to cover the entire iceberg production season with full mildew resistance and good agronomic performance. We also present new processing spinach and baby leaves varieties with a high Peronospora resistance level to secure productions all over Europe and to add value by consumers with a longer shelf life and an irresistible crunchiness.
SQUASH | Discover our amazing portfolio! We are the leading company on green squash thanks to a strong yield potential, a high level of intermediate resistances to virus and the good fruit quality which fit perfectly market requirements.
ONIONS |Take a look at our Diamant Selection, a range of firm onions with good skin quality supporting the business of the onion growers and traders. 

During the event you will be shown around by our breeders and crop experts. You will have the opportunity to discuss with them topics such as process of introducing new products and sufficient delivery of valued products, all whilst guaranteeing high quality seed.